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CS:GO Accounts with 10 Year Coin

Buy CSGO Accounts with a 10 Year Coin, 5 Year Coin and more. This accounts are 7 digit Steam Accounts which are registered on Steam since 2004 and they also come with a 18 Years of service Steam Badge. Best CSGO Accounts to gain a high trustfactor and also to gain a lot of trust from other players. All CSGO Accounts come with the Original E-Mail! Note that this accounts doesnt include the prime status upgrade!

CS:GO Accounts

CS:GO Account | 18 Years old | 10 Years Coin CS:GO

Get our classic CS:GO Account with a 10 Years Coin Medal. 18 Years old Steam Account

CSGO Account with Commendbot

CS:GO Account | 18 Years old | 500 Ingame Commends

CS:GO Account with 500 ingame Commends (friendly/teacher/leader) + 10 Year Coin CS:GO

CS:GO Accounts with Steam Points

CS:GO Account | 18 Years | 10.000 Steam Points

CS:GO Account with 10.000 Steam Points + 10 Year Coin in CS:GO

CSGO Accounts with Commendbot and Steam Points

CS:GO Account | 18 Years | 500 Commends | 10k Steam Points

CS:GO Account with 10k Steam Points + 500 ingame CS:GO Commends | 10 Year CS:GO Coin

Premium CSGO Accounts

CS:GO Account | 18 Years | 500 Commends | 400-700 hours

CS:GO Account (17-18 Years old) + 10 Years Veteran Coin + 400-700 hours + 500 Ingame CS:GO Commends


CS:GO Prime Accounts

With our CS:GO Prime Accounts you will get upgraded accounts with prime status - this is the best way to play counter strike. Currently out of stock!

CS:GO Accounts

CS:GO Prime Account

Get a CS:GO Prime Account

18 Year old Steam Accounts

All CS:GO Accounts above are 17 years or older on Steam. This high quality Steam Accounts are perfect for gamers which wants old trusted accounts for steam with an original email. These accounts are also named 7 digit accounts because the steam ID only have 7 digits. All new accounts come for example with a 9 digit number. When it comes to CSGO Prime its very important to have a good account like this because it also effects your trust factor in CS:GO. CSGO Prime Accounts with a 10 Years CS:GO Coin always have a better trust factor than other accounts.


18 Year old Steam Account


Do you need the prime upgrade in CS:GO?

We clearly say yes, the prime upgrade for CS:GO is very important to have a better gaming experience. With CS:GO Prime accounts you will play less against cheaters and therefore you will have more fun in the game. The higher the quality of your account, the better your trust factor in CSGO. This also means that you will play more against players who have the same trust factor as you.


CS:GO Prime Upgrade


CS:GO Accounts with 10 Years Coin

All our CS:GO Accounts come with the 10 Years Coin Medal and also with the 5 Years Coin Medal. This means that the account already has 10 years of experience with Counter Strike. Thus, this badge is very significant in the community because it shows that you are dealing with an experienced player. Players who have such a CSGO account with 10 coins are very appreciated and recognized in the CSGO community. Here is a sample image of the 10 Years & 5 Years Coin.


10 Years Veteran Coin CS:GO

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