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Our CS2 Commendbot dramatically increases your trust factor in Counter-Strike 2! It makes your profile look more legit and professional! Time to boost your commends.

Increase your trustfactor
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We offer different packages for our CS2 Commendbot. Our bot works fully automatic and is 24/7 useable. Do you want to increase your trust factor in Counter-Strike 2? Do you want to impress your friends? Time to boost!

50 CS2 Commends

50 Commends / 2.99€

Receive 50 CS2 ingame commends. 50 commends in each category.

200 CS2 Commends

200 Commends / 5.99€

Receive 200 CS2 ingame commends. 200 commends in each category.

500 CS2 Commends

500 Commends / 9.99€

Receive 500 CS2 ingame commends. 500 commends in each category.

1000 CS2 Commends

1000 Commends / 15.99€

Receive 1000 CS2 ingame commends. 1000 commends in each category.

2000 CS2 Commends

2000 Commends / 24.99€

Receive 2000 CS2 ingame commends. 2000 commends in each category.

3000 CS2 Commends

3000 Commends / 29.99€

Receive 3000 CS2 ingame commends. 3000 commends in each category.

5000 CS2 Commends

5000 Commends / 44.99€

Receive 5000 CS2 ingame commends. 5000 commends in each category.

7500 CS2 Commends

7500 Commends / 54.99€

Receive 7500 CS2 ingame commends. 7500 commends in each category.

10000 CS2 Commends

10000 Commends / 64.99€

Receive 10000 CS2 ingame commends. 10000 commends in each category.

How our Commendbot works

We made our Commendbot easy as possible for our customers. Just follow step by step or watch our video!

Does the Commendbot works on CS2 (Counter-Strike 2)?

Yes, our Commendbot also works after the CS2 update. We found a way to let our Commendbot work for Counter-Strike 2!

How to improve trust factor in CS2?

With our Commendbot you can also improve your trust factor in CS2! Trust Factor was implemented in 2017 by Valve to improve the gaming experience. But sometimes you get wrong reported and also a bad trust factor. With our services you can easy improvde your red trustfactor in Counter-Strike 2!

Trust Factor CSGO

CS2 Commendbot

This CS2 Commendbot also works for Counter-Strike 2. We managed to get our CS2 ingame commends also work on the newest game updates. So for now you can also enjoy the newest game version with our nice service and gain a better gaming experience with our ingame commends for cs2. Its very important to show in new games that you are a well known and liked player of the community. There is probably no better way to show it as with our commendbot for counter-strike 2.

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